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Thank you for stopping by. Design has the power to change the world. You may not be changing the world. Maybe you're changing your own world or the world of those around you. Whatever it is, I love tackling new design challenges and I see design problems everywhere. Let's chat about your design challenge.

Recent Courses I've Taught

Designing iOS and Android Apps

Explore the differences between iOS and Android, and learn how to design cross-platform apps that take advantage of each operating system's unique strengths. In this course, you can explore the differences in visual & interaction design.

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Designing an Icon with Sketch

The small but mighty icon can significantly impact how a brand is viewed. And in today's fast-paced business world, designers need to know more than just how to deliver a striking, unique icon—they need to know how to do it quickly. In this course, we explore how to build icons in Sketch.

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User Experience Design for Wearables

With smartwatches, VR headsets, and fitness bands becoming increasingly prevalent in the consumer space, it's advantageous for designers to understand how to approach user experience design for wearables. In this course, dig into how to break down and design for wearables.

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