January 22, 2017

Smart Watch Game Design

As part of one of my courses for Lynda.com, I partnered with another author to create this create your own adventure game for the iWatch.

September 16, 2008

Journalist Time App

I had an opportunity while living in London, UK to interview at the BBC. As part of the interview, I was challenged to prepare & present a solution for journalists to track their time. I first interviewed the guys who interviewed me and asked them a bunch of questions about the challenges the journalists face on the road. They can be in remote locations with no cell signal. They need to check in their time quickly and track it against several different stories (like designers and projects). I did some competitive research and interviewed a few journalists. Based on my research, I quickly sketched up the wireframes below and then presented the project (BBCpressie) to the guys.

My goal was to allow them to input their project, time spent, what they were doing, as well as, inputting any time off they needed. The project was well received.