Digital Courses 

About a year ago Lynda reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in creating some courses for them. I had been teaching UX Design at the Bay Area Video Coalition and had been really enjoying the opportunity to give back and mentor budding designers. While I love teaching live in the classroom, the opportunity to try something new and to broaden my reach was not one I could pass up. I've absolutely loved working with Lynda and I'd highly recommend if you have the opportunity to take advantage of it. 


Designing iOS and Android Apps

Explore the differences between iOS and Android, and learn how to design cross-platform apps that take advantage of each operating system's unique strengths. This course opens with big picture concepts—application architecture and usability—before narrowing its focus to application components, interactions, and UI controls, as well as visual design and how it relates to icons, typography, color, and imagery. 

Topics include:

  • Understanding gestures
  • Laying out your apps
  • Using adaptive views
  • Adding animation and interactions
  • Understanding differences in the visual design
  • Building a complete cross-platform app

Axure RP for UX Design

Axure RP is a popular prototyping tool for web and user experience designers. You can use it to create user flows and sitemaps, click-through wireframes, and robust, fully interactive prototypes. Join me as I introduce Axure's ready-made widgets, form elements, and interactive features like lightboxes and carousels.

Topics include:

  • Using widgets
  • Setting up interactions
  • Building an adaptive page
  • Styling pages and widgets
  • Creating forms
  • Hiding and showing menus

Mobile App Design 

This was my first course built for Udemy to teach new designers how to design from A to Z. It includes and covers everything from initial ideation and user research through the design of the app, including how to use Sketch and various prototyping tools. 

Axure RP: Beyond the Basics

Take your prototypes to the next level. Create more complex and interactive UX designs with Axure RP. This course shows how to prototype mobile apps, wearables, and data-driven forms in Axure. 

Topics include:

  • Designing prototypes for mobile 
  • Creating wireframes to wearable 
  • Sending data between pages 
  • Creating documentation

Sketch: Beyond the Basics

Advance your command of Sketch by going beyond the fundamentals. In this course, I explain how to leverage the more advanced features in this popular application to work with greater efficiency and tackle advanced projects such as designing for wearables and building game user interfaces. 

Topics include:

  • Boolean operations
  • Building and sharing your own library
  • Designing gestures and interactions
  • Building game assets
  • Advanced tips for workflow management

Designing an Icon with Sketch

The small but mighty icon can significantly impact how a brand is viewed. And in today's fast-paced business world, designers need to know more than just how to deliver a striking, unique icon—they need to know how to do it quickly.  In this course, discover how to create icons with Sketch. 

Topics include:

  • Conceiving the design
  • Building initial shapes and outlines
  • Adding color and shadows
  • Manipulating type
  • Preparing and exporting your icon for developers to integrate

UX for Wearables

With smartwatches, VR headsets, and fitness bands becoming increasingly prevalent in the consumer space, it's advantageous for designers to understand how to approach user experience design for wearables. In this course, I explain how to do just that.

Topics include:

  • Interactions and IA
  • Haptics, gestures, and motion
  • Voice interactions
  • UX considerations
  • Game design basics
  • Prototyping a game

Live Courses I've Taught

I started teaching at the Bay Area Video Coalition and found I really enjoyed connecting with budding designers and helping shape their futures. With live teaching, I could shape the course based on what they needed or already knew. I'd always write an outline and cover certain topics or the syllabus I was given but then add based on questions or needs of students. 

Information Architecture

In this course, taught at the Bay Area Video Coalition in an 8-hour workshop, students learn the basics of wayfinding, information architecture, sitemaps and user flows. We talk through how to go through a website and catalog the information within in order to make sense of the content, how users find their way through the site and know where they are at, and how to document the structure of a well thought out site or application. 

UX For Mobile Design

In this course, taught at the Bay Area Video Coalition in an 8-hour workshop, students learn the basics of mobile design from the information architecture of the mobile phones, how users interact with mobile applications with the use of gestures, how to think about the experience of a mobile application and visual design. Students walk away from the course having developed a simple mobile prototype to take home and continue to develop or add to their portfolio. 

Intro to UX Design

I taught this course at General Assembly in a 2-hour simple workshop and overview of the UX field. This course covered General Assembly, User Research, Usability, and the basics of what UX Designers think through when designing an app or site. We walked through a simple prototype and scenarios a designer may face as well what they can do within the UX field. 

Designing with Sketch

The design team at Bank of the West reached out to me to teach their 7 person team how to design with the Sketch app. I taught them all the basics and then dug into building design libraries and symbols they can use with their style guide.