Game Design Engine

Getting Started

This project was a pet project for Technicolor. I was contracted to design the initial Game Design Engine in order to secure funding for a new entry in the world of Game Development Engines. 

I started by spending time getting to know the competitor projects. Unity was very overwhelming and without any training, I couldn't figure out how to build a game on my own. Game Salad was easier to pick up but didn't give me the power I would have with Unity. All others were somewhere in between. Either way, you slice it there wasn't a good pickup and go Game Development Engine for the casual game developer. 

And that's what I was tasked with designing. 

Software Used

  • OmniGraffle
  • Powerpoint
  • MS Word

Skills Used

  • User Experience Design
  • User Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Project Lead



Game Developers Comments on Competitors

“One does not simply WALK into unity…” 
Developer using Unity

“Pricey in comparison with other options on the market.” 
Developer using Marmalade

"I'd have to learn code to make full use of many game development engines in the marketplace."


After doing competitive and user research, I approached this project knowing designers would need to be able to see their code and design side by side. It also needed to be easy enough to use that users can pick it up quickly and easily. Influenced by apps like Dreamweaver, I pieced together wireframes based on having code and design side by side. These wireframes and all the research was used in the presentation to the funding team. 

Final Result

Below is the final design and code view that was shown in the presentation.  The team won the funding to move forward.